questions from new Megin owner

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questions from new Megin owner

Dear All,

since end of this summer I am a new owner of a Megin Jolle lokated near Stockholm. SInce I have barely had the chance to sail my boat yet I have some questions:

Which motorsize is addequate for a megin jolle? Is a 2,3hp honda enough even if you have to go against the wind?

How do I rigg the flagg onto the spriboom? My spriboom does neither have a hole or kaus nor a cleat (knap).

Does anyone have experince with a bowsprit on a megin jolle?

Last but not least, how to you secure the sheet(skot) of the main sail at the back of the boat?
My boat only has two cleats on the side of the rear thwart(aktertoft).

If some of you could send me a picture od how these details are none on you boats, I would be greatful!
Replies in any langage are welcome!
Thank you in advance!
With kind regards from Åkersberga